Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Teddy Bears of Every Description Now Available at the Just Bears and Stuff eBay Store

Our most recent media release.

February 12, 2008 – Myrtle Creek, Oregon – Addressing the growing interest of casual and serious teddy bear collectors, Patricia Twitchell announced the opening of the Just Bears and Stuff eBay store.

With well over 1,000 items available for immediate purchase, Patricia Twitchell aka The Teddy Bear Lady of Myrtle Creek, has one of the largest selections of Boyd’s Bears on eBay. Also available are Bearington, Cottage Collectibles, Deb Canham, Fairie Glens, Pooh, Steiff and much, much more.

To visit the store and view the full selection go to or go to eBay and search with the words “bearwatch aka Just Bears and Stuff”.

“I am not new to selling teddy bears. I opened Just Bears and Stuff Gift Shop, located in Myrtle Creek, Oregon in 1993. As the market needs changed and the Internet became a huge part of our market reach we saw the need to open our eBay store,” says the Teddy Bear Lady of Myrtle Creek.

The response to the eBay store has exceeded all expectations. With new items being posted daily, shoppers will find an incredible selection for virtually any taste.


Micah said...

I need help finding a Ty bear made in 2004. We purchased it in October of 2005 at a store in the Charlotte, NC airport. It has become the "lovey" to my 10 month old and we need a backup!! It looks like the classic Bernaise bear, but it doesn't sit it is more floppy and sprawled out. Any help or ideas would be really appreciated!

plush fox said...

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